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  1. A Brief History of the Azalea
    Many of our best-loved plants first entered the South in Charleston. Here’s the fascinating story of the azalea got through the region's garden gateway and to your backyard.
  2. Secrets of a Savvy Gardener
    Learn how this Oklahoma City garden designer and mom created a space full of flowers, herbs, vegetables—and great ideas
  3. Fantastic Flowers
    One of the South's finest collections of beautiful orchids awaits at this Florida garden.
  4. Try This Marigold
    A zillion blooms and lemon-scented leaves make it a savory choice.
  5. Endless Harvest
    Extend the growing season for fresh veggies with this simple cold frame.
  6. Dazzling Petunias
    Much better than the old-fashioned kinds, these blooms are perfect for pots.
  7. An Azalea for Fall
    If there's one plant that declares spring has arrived, it's the azalea. But it may soon herald autumn too.