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  1. A Sink for Guests
    This Virginia Beach homeowner is ready for company with a cleverly designed bedroom.
  2. ABCs of Silver<br /> 
    You love it when it shines. Here are some tips to get you ready for tarnish-free holidays.
  3. Big Style on a Small Lot
    This new home takes full advantage of its coastal setting in the vibrant community of Rosemary Beach, Florida. 
  4. Hidden Laundry Room
    This home's long hallway becomes a functional area with practical design and streamlined style.
  5. Remodeling Advice
    In Derick Belden's story entitled Growing for Family, he shares his family's experience of living through a house renovation. Here is some more information to consider when planning to add on to your house.
  6. Displaying Art
    Before you drive a nail into your wall, here are some important points to consider.