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  1. How To Carve Out a Mumkin
    What do you get when you combine the fun of a pumpkin with the beauty of a mum? A "mumkin," of course! Fill smaller gourds with containers of pansies to create a trio of trusty sidekicks. See more Fall Decorating Ideas
  2. How To Make Paper Bag Fall Luminaries
    Cast an inviting glow on your steps using paper bags stenciled with the shapes of fall foliage taken right from your own trees. See more Fall Decorating Ideas
  3. Make Your Own Magnolia Christmas Wreath
    Nothing heralds a Southern Christmas season quite like a stunning magnolia wreath. Follow along as we show you how to create this holiday classic, step-by-step.    See more: Holiday Wreaths
  4. Puppy
    Container: For a similar look, try Seagrass V-Weave Baskets, from $14.99; worldmarket.com   Gift Wrap: For a similar look, try Bean's Washable Wool Throw in Cedar, $89; llbean.com   Tag: Bone Shaped Dog Party Cut-outs, $7.99/20; bigdotofhappiness.com  
  5. Shirt
    Container: Crochet Box in Medium, $16; smockpaper.comGift Wrap: Ribbon and white buttons, prices vary; joann.comTag: Assorted papers (cut into pocket and bow tie shapes), prices vary; acmoore.com for locations