The Lennox Experience: 2015 Southern Living Showcase Home

Whitney Blair Custom Homes, member of the Southern Living Custom Builder program, share why a Lennox Home Comfort System was the best HVAC option for the 2015 Southern Living Showcase Home in Myrtle Beach, SC.


[MUSIC] I've been using Lennox products for about ten years. And they're the quietest units on the market that I have heard. So you can barely hear the units running when you're standing outside. So it allows us to put the units anywhere. We're not fighting where to put them where we've done that in the past with other brands. Anytime we have a new design, I'll reach out to the Linux rep to ask him what he thinks we should use in a particular design, and he's just instrumental in helping us pick out that system that'll be the most efficient for that design. So, the support has been fantastic. I'm Justin Fulford. I am the third generation owner of Fulford Heating & Air. The features of this Lennox, the AIQ systems, good comfort, the humidity controls, the way everything is communicating. We have been very pleased with the Lennox equipment. Lennox has expanded its product line through technology. Through the use of two-stage and variable speed equipment. We're able to run the system at a lower capacity and only meet a lower demand load on days that aren't very hot or not very cold. The other thing that Lennox has done as a first is incorporated solar technology into our heat pump systems. We're able to harness the energy of the sun to power your heating and cooling systems. I've used a different brand, of HVAC equipment over the [MUSIC] Over the years. And then once I became a member of southern living and custom builder program I was introduced to the Lenux product and their relationship with southern living. I started using the product. My HBSC contractor was not a Lenux deal. So they set him up with the Lenux deal and he had not used Lenux either. and after a couple of years using Lennox, he started using Lennox with all of his other builders and his other clients as well. So I mean that says a lot for the Lennox product. [MUSIC]
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