Behind-the-Scenes with Lela Rose

Food and fashion collide at Texas designer Lela Rose's New York Fashion Week show. Lela shares thoughts on Southern women and the evolution of Southern style.


-This is Stephanie Granada, style editor at Southern Living Magazine. We are backstage at New York Fashion week at the "Lela Rose Show". We're out to find out what the Texas designer has planned for us today. -This whole collection is really based on the chef that I admire the most. His name is Ferran Audria. He's basically the "Father of Molecular Gastronomy" and invented a whole new cuisine. And so a lot of these is really based on food, and where food and fashion, and entertaining all connect. I love to have people over for dinner. I love to cook, I love to entertain and I think a lot of that comes through in a bit Southern graciousness. -What do you think sets Southern women apart when it comes to style and how they-- they dress? -You know, when I think about Southern women is we always dress kind of colors, and in our own style. And I remember, first moving to New York and thinking, "Black is the new black now? Navy is the new black? Gray is the new black, really?". When are we gonna get away from all of this? And I think that Southern women had always dressed in color and really made a celebration of what they're wearing and didn't let it be kind of this Canvas. -What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about Southern style? -Big hair. I think everyone thinks that Southern women just, you know, wear their hair big, and just, you know, maybe think too much about clothing and the other myth but everything else, and I have never agreed to that. -Do you think that's changing a little bit, the way that people see the South? -Well I think for sure, you know, you're seeing a lot of really interesting things going on in the South. And I think that, that always does change perception. You'll see a lot of really stylish women from all over the world now, and so it has to change perception. So it's no longer so based on the two coasts.
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