Derby Hats: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Whether they're purposely outrageous or eloquently lovely, these Kentucky Derby hats are all eye-catching. Here they are, ranked from most traditional to ... well, let's just say least traditional.

1. Most Traditional. Nothing says Derby like a traditional bow-laden sun hat. The oversize bow screams, "I'm ready to bet on the ponies!"

2. A Splash of Color. These colors--one the palest, iciest and another the brightest orange--complement each other nicely, rather than compete. Nothing like a little coordination at the Derby!

3. Flower-Centric. We love this hat. The only problem is that bees might as well. The flower sitting the middle might be a magnet for those little stingers, but sometimes beauty's worth a little pain. Right?

4. Peacock! The peacock-blue feathers sitting on this classic white hat might not be traditional, but it's got a colorful pop to it that'll set you apart from the crowd.

5. Green on Yellow on Green. We'll be honest. We have no idea what's going on here, but we really love the matching colors. The hat's green matches perfectly with the dress, and the yellow streaks offer a complementary contrast. Especially with the other folks dressed in more pastel colors.

6. Mullet of Hats. This is the mullet of hats. Business in the front. Spring break-style party in the back, replete with shot glasses--with small umbrellas for really accessible shots.

7. The Straightforward One. Leaving little room for interpretation, this hat has everything you need. Grapes for looking like Roman royalty (and to get started on your own batch of wine), and a button that so boldly announces your approachability.

8. War of the Roses. Look, when you're at The Run for the Roses, you might as well wear a ten-gallon, rose-covered top hat. After all, if you can't here, then where can you?

9. Oh, That's Where I Am. In case you plan on having a few too many mint juleps and need help remembering where you are, this hat leaves little room for doubt. We really hope our least-traditional hat wearer is with our most-traditional hat wearer. Either way, we salute hats of every stripe.

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