Dishing with Melissa Rycroft

The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars contestant, Melissa Rycroft, gives us the scoop on her new CMT reality series, Melissa and Tye: A New Reality, her favorite Southern saying, and what she misses most about Texas.


Reality TV has taken this crazy turn in the last few years of, you know, house wives in Beverly Hills and Orange County and the Kardashians, you know, kinda of counting' their gold every day. And you don't really, you watch it with entertainment obviously, but you don't watch it with relatability, you know. And, and Tom and I, have a lot going on in our lives, you know. we're still considered newlyweds I guess, new mom, trying to balance work. And we've made this crazy move across the country, and we wanted to relay our everyday real life issues with, with everyone, and, and hope that they can laugh along with us. Obviously, if you had asked me the day of the After The Final Rose, nothing could beat, how awful that day felt for me. You know, but that was just, that was an emotional down. Dancing With The Stars was physical, it was mental, it was emotional, it was, it was everything. And because of that, I would say dancing was harder. And obviously, the friends and family, but I really miss the food. You know, I mean, obviously no one does Texas Barbeque, like Texas or Tex Mex, or good southern fried, you know? Chicken fried chicken. And they don't have that in LA. Oh so many, you know, I am a, I'm a chicken fried chicken kind of girl. You give me a really good chicken friend chicken, some mash potatoes, you know, nice bread on the side. My mouth is watering right now. And you can't find that in LA, they don't, I don't think they know how to fry chicken fried. Is" Bless her heart" or" Bless your heart" is that one? I always do that and I didn't know I did that. The camera crew here actually while we were filming, brought up that I always say" Bless your heart,oh, bless her heart, but..." I guess I say that more than I thought. Bless my heart.
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