Dishing with Evan Farmer

Evan dishes about the good, the bad, and the ugly on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards.


Well today, I've been outside my favorite bar, Robert's Westren Wear here on Broadway, and we've been doing a photo shoot, for Southern Living. And I think it's really about you know, it's about where. People like me in the business, hang out I guess. The good would definitely be extremely good that we've taken the red carpet inside, it being in June, it's either a tornado, flash flood, something horrific besides 120 degrees going on so that was awesome. Keeps the artist happy which makes my job easier. The bad? Man, I don't really want to go to that, because it's all been good but, I will say that one moment that stands out was when I was interviewing Taylor Swift. My first time interviewing her huh, my first red carpet actually. And I was told by the producers in my IFB to stretch. Which, 30 seconds in a red carpet interview can be like an eternity so I started going all stream of conscious on the poor thing and next thing I know, I'm asking her if she'd babysit. [LAUGH] But it it, she's got such a great sense of humor I think it, it worked out okay. We've laughed about it since but there really is no ugly on the red carpet that I've experienced yet. There's been some outfits that have definitely made it very hard for me to concentrate. But I'll leave that whole schtick to Joan Rivers and her daughter. I, I don't play that game. So no ugly, no ugly there. [BLANK_AUDIO] Strangely enough, as hard as this may be to believe, I'm actually a very shy person. III. I think, my entire career in entertainment has been one giant overcompensation, for the discomfort that I feel in front of people. Don't judge me. So, I guess at this point I I'm pretty much okay with anything you throw at me [LAUGH]. It's called breaking into formula for success and entertainment. And it's the antithesis, to Spencer Pratt's book, How To Be Famous, this is how to actually have a career. And the premise. Very simply being, that I am not a very good singer, but I've sold a million albums. I'm not a very good actor, but I've been in some pretty big movies. I'm not a very good host, but CMT hired me. But I one, one thing I do really well is I break in, and I know how to do, entertainment, so, I'm hoping that, that I can reach some people, aspiring artists and the parents of aspiring artists And hopefully Southern living will cover the book in great depth. And I will hit the New York times best seller list within, the hour. Anything, done by Bella Carlton hands down. Just, I would do anything to spend 5 minutes or. With her than I've already spent, which luckily has been about 10 minutes. But I love Dolly Parton. I love everything about her. I think I'd learn a lot from her. I grew up on Dolly. Dolly, call me, all right? [LAUGH] You know where to find me. I'm serious.
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