[MUSIC] When you enter the kitchen you will see the same color you saw in the foyer and the front hall. We did this to make it one continuous space so that the whole main living area has a sense of all being connected. We worked with Historical Concept's architects for the home and Ikea, we first started with the island. And the island is a place where you can always see a family coming and having dinner and, we really have a sense of where everybody will end up at the end of the day. The cabinets are, are the wall color. We paint match the Ikea cabinetry to the wall color to really have it all blend seamlessly in the house. They designed a separate prep area over underneath the window, which is just a great piece that has a butcher block counter top, and we used the same fabric that went on the living room draperies as the cafe curtain above the sink in the window and then we used it to create a little drape around the edge of the sink [INAUDIBLE]. This is a very, like, practical, functional area of the kitchen and still really pretty. [MUSIC] And at the side of the refrigerator you'll see open black shelving. In our designs we really always love open shelving in a kitchen. It's easily accessible when you're cooking, we like it when you have dishes stacked with pitchers and antique vintage pieces. And it really creates a lot of layers in a kitchen without having the kitchen covered in artwork. [MUSIC] In the kitchen you'll see that the custom hoods round hides the stainless steel globe, which was one thing we did because this is an 1830s farm house. And, this is a very much of a mix of today and trying to keep the historical details of the home. And there's a new gas range with the white subway tile behind it, and then we have a great pot filler on the back wall to really complete the space. [MUSIC] Above the island we've selected these great large white light fixtures that have this schoolhouse kinda feel. We really wanted those because they give a sense, of the island being grounded in the room. We selected them in the white color so they'd really, blend in with the surroundings. We selected a modern, stainless steel undermount kitchen sink. That it has, the feelings of an old farmhouse. [MUSIC] With the design of the kitchen we created the island so that on the back side you had room for bar stools. And we always try to do counter height seating where it's all the same level and we don't have the stepped up bar. And you'll see that in this house too. Which again makes the room really connect throughout the whole room. This kitchen is a great place to cook dinner for your family and gather for the evening at the end of your day.
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