This third bedroom really has a great entry with these big, old barn doors. They used antique wood that was reclaimed from the house to build the barn doors in a new way. It's really the most Private retreat bedroom of the house, and to create a different sense of place then you have in the main part. In the old historic part of the house. We painted all the walls, a really dark charcoal gray, and this creates a warm inviting environment. And as the third bedroom is up in the eaves of the house, the ceiling is sloped. We painted the ceiling the same color as the walls. As well as the trim in the windows. The built-in bookcases are layered with lots of old vintage books that we found, and in front of that we have the two end tables on each side of the bed. The end tables, one is new and one is old. Which again, we're trying to mix the old and the new. And we used the new version of an architect's lamp on each side of the bed. to make this really fun for retreat the place you can go to read a book and unwind at the end of the day. The head morgue that's between the two book cases is a pulsar head board that we had custom design that's pulsar a sun umbrella fabric to really make it cleanable and usable and beautiful all the same time. The bedding, with the navy and white stripe, accented in apple green, is just a fun little bit of color added into a dark gray shell. We selected a hound's tooth navy and white fabric for the two wing-backed chairs, as well as the ottoman in one corner of the bedroom. On the opposite corner you'll find this green chest draw which is a new piece. A great tea clamp mixed with this large white framed piece of this block print. Its kinda of a take on the word ATL since we're in the Atlanta area. And then we use this vintage blue bowl on the chest with some brown pine cone pieces we found. And again, just to bring al, that blue, green, and navy palette that you'll see throughout the room, altogether in one vignette. With a large piece of art to the left of the bed, with the colors of the navy, the apple green, the gray, and the little bit of red. It's a large piece that creates a lot of impact. [MUSIC]. At the foot of the bed, you'll find this vintage trunk that we found at a flea market. And a great place to store blankets and everything. It gives a lot of texture and sense of history to a new room in the house. [MUSIC] .When you enter this bathroom from the bedroom, it has a white, classic, white tile floor with gray grout. And then there's a window right in front of you when you enter the room. It's a framed window we found this old white farm house table with the paint chipping just perfectly. The white sink we found is a vessel sink which mounts on top of the table and then we did a faucet mounted on top of that. Really makes it a functional piece as well as beautiful. We select a mirror that hangs in front of the window to be able to get ready in the morning, and you have this great light pouring in around the mirror as you're standing at this vintage table. In the shower, you have the white tile from the main part of the bathroom continues as a shower floor. They have a white classic subway towel on the walls. In the third bedroom of the house we wanted to create a sense of warmth and a place to go and have a retreat but have really strong colors and textures integrated into this entire space.
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