[MUSIC] In the dining room, which is right off the kitchen, it's a new space that was added to the house. And with that, the architect designed a really light-filled room with windows wrapping on all three sides. And a French door that enters the wrap around porch. We've started with the white drapes, which give it a place to have a sense of privacy as you're dining, so you can close the drapes if you wanted to, but they really frame the windows and the light that enters the room. To really create a space that you would want to sit and have long evenings in the dining room, we selected a settee, mixed with wingback chairs and two other upholstered chairs, and layered it on top of a jute rug. The textures that you saw in the living room are also in the dining room, so they all really flow from one room to another. We selected a table that had a great farmhouse feel with the wood top, then we selected the gray paint, which was a custom choice with the table. We really tried to blend all of this together to create a cohesive palette. In this house, the dining room is right off the kitchen. So it's not a formal dining room, but we wanted to have a very kind of casual, elegant feeling, which we tried to capture with the lines of the furniture and the table, and then even the lantern, which has very classic details, and it has a mix of casual with the more elegant, which really created a balanced room. [MUSIC]
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