Easy Painted Metallic Books

This fun and simple DIY uses just painter's tape, some old books, and metallic spray paint to dress up a bookshelf. Join Alabama crafter Sherry Cole of Savvy Apron to create a bright gold or silver patterned book to inexpensively brighten your home's decor.


Hi. I'm Sherry from Savvy Apron. And I'm excited to show you that you can easily dress up your books that you use in your home decor. All you need is a book, some painter's tape, spray paint and some stickers. For this book we're gonna do stripes. I ike to tape off my pages before I spray paint, just not to damage the pages. I'm gonna spray paint my book silver. You want to give it a very light coat. And then let it dry for a few minutes. Turn it over and spray paint the other side. So with the stripes, I'm gonna use the painter's tape. I want four stripes. So I'm gonna start about an inch from the top and just take it around from the back and press it down. Now, you need to make sure your painter's tape is pressed down and especially in the creases. Now I'm gonna spray my book white. Flip your book over, and paint the other side. Once your book is dry, carefully peel your tape back, and you should have a pretty even stripe. And there you have a beautiful book that you can use to decorate your home with.
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