No-Sew Deer Pillow

Put away your sewing kit–this decor needs no stitching. Ready your home for the holidays with this playful, No-Sew Deer Pillow. Sherry Cole of Savvy Apron, based in Alabama, is demonstrating the simplicity of this bright DIY project, which features a cut-out reindeer head and pom-poms. If you've got some extra fabric, make a second pillow to give as a unique hostess gift.


Hi I'm Sherry from Savvy Apron and I'm so excited to show you how you can make your own pillow even if you don't own a sewing machine. All you need is a pillow form, fabric, and whatever you're gonna use to decorate your pillow with and fabric glue. You want your fabric Two inches wider than whatever your pillow form is. You take your fabric, pull it back and you're gonna draw your line of glue about a quarter inch from the edge of the fabric. And then press your fabric down, all the way from one end to the other. Start at one end, and draw your line all the way to the other end and press it down. [MUSIC] And we're going to leave one side open to stuff the pillow. After your pillow has dried, turn your pillow inside out, insert your pillow into the pillowcase, tuck your ends together. I use tip clips to hold it. Then when I draw the line from one end to the other, and let it dry for about 30 minutes. I'm going to add pom-poms to my pillow. You need something ring shaped. Just wrap your yarn around your ring. And get a piece of string that you're gonna use to tie your pompom will ya. Run the yarn around the pompom. And tie into knot. Run you scissors up. And just trim off all excess. Add some glue. Place the pom-pom, and hold it for a few seconds until it dries. I'm gonna add a deer head. You can use a stencil or you can print off a free template. I like to trace onto something like plastic. It just makes it much easier to draw on fabric. Once you've traced your deer head, and you have it cut out You're going to glue it onto your pillow. So turn your head over and add glue. You can take an old paintbrush and just spread it out a little bit. Put the head first, and then add the antlers. And this is such a fun, easy, quick way to add a pillow to your home, even if you don't own a sewing machine
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