DIY Moss-Covered Rain Boots

This unique porch decor comes from Kentucky-based Certified Celebrator Brittany Young. Follow along to make this charming take on a spring vase – you can even fill the rain boots with water and add in fresh blooms. All you'll need to make this fun spring craft is a pair of inexpensive rubber rain boots (small ones work!), a roll of moss that can be cut into strips, and hot glue.


I'm Brittany Young, your certified celebrator, and since I have discovered crafting moss, nothing is safe at my home. I've covered letters and picture frames and candle holders. And today I'm covering a pair of rain boots. So the first thing you want to do, is gather your supplies. And you can find a roll of crafting moss at any craft store. And then of course, you need a pair of rain boots, you probably have in your closet that you haven't worn. A hot glue gun and a pair of scissors. So the first thing you wanna do is, you wanna cut yourself one inch strips all the way down and across the moss. Once you have your strips cut, you then wanna take your scissors and just cut those strips in half. So that you have smaller pieces to work with. And the next step is really the fun part. That's when you get to work with your glue gun. You wanna start with just one pair of boots. And how I like to glue the moss on is by starting right here at the bottom of the boot. So I'm gonna take a strip of greenery. And then I'm gonna take one line of hot glue all the way down the strip and place that Right at the bottom of the boot. And you're gonna work your way around the boot and then work your way up. Once you get to the top of your boot, you wanna take your last strip and you wanna fold it over into the boot, just a little bit. So now we're gonna take a toothpick and we're gonna go in between each of the little strips of moss and you wanna lift that up so that it flows. It strip flows and if you'll notice, see how I'm just inserting that toothpick. The moss is so easy to just lift up. So when you do it to all of the strips, it doesn't look like it's strips of moss. It looks like it flows. Once you're finished and you have both of your rain boots wrapped with moss, you guys could decorate these with any sort of flowers that you would like. And actually rain boots hold water. So if you wanted to use fresh flowers, you could put water inside of these boots and put fresh flowers on top. And it would be a really pretty centerpiece for your kitchen table or your dining room.

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