3 Easy Holiday Napkin Rings

Join craft guru, author, and founder of Atlanta-based Craft Box Girls Lynn Lilly as she walks through easy seasonal decor to switch up your look at any holiday party. These simple napkin rings bring a pop of color to your table, and take virtually no time to prepare. Whether you want to add some fresh florals to your Thanksgiving, some red and green to your Christmas table, or a pop of red to a wintery spread, each of these napkin rings is unique, colorful, and simple.


Happy Holidays This time of year, I'm entertaining non-stop. I like to change up my tablescape each time I have a dinner party. I do it using napkin rings. I'm going to show you three different ways that I make napkin rings. We;re going to start with our first one, using a twelve inch piece of ribbon. We also need Two simple nickel d rings. Our first step is gonna be to flip our ribbon over. We're gonna take our nickel d rings. We're gonna line them up, and we're actually going to feed them through the end of the ribbon. We're gonna use a hot glue gun and just a little bit of glue, and we're gonna fold our ribbon over the nickel d rings. [MUSIC] We are going to take our napkin ring, and actually wrap it around. Feed it through both of the rings. And then we're going to feed it through the middle of the rings and tighten it. And then you'll notice we've got a lot extra here. Cut it off at an angle. We can fold it over so you get the sparkles on both sides. And then I always like to add a little piece of garland. Simple and easy. Our second napkin ring is going to be made with live flowers. So what we need for this one is about a 12-inch piece of floral wire. We also need floral tape and then a variety of flowers. So to start we are going to wrap the wire in a circle, and you want to leave a little bit out at the end so that you can twist it to complete. The circle. Then, what we're gonna do is start to take our flowers and actually fan them around the wire. And we're gonna secure it with out tape. Houston greenery to fan this out and continue wrapping, our floral tape. And we're just gonna continue to fan all the way around So now if you want to cut it off, you can, but what I like to do is actually wrap part of it. We're gonna cut off the end and we're going to cut the end of our wire. And what we're gonna do is actually just put our napkin straight through and then we'll style the end of it. Now we've got this little end right here, we're gonna bring it up, and we're actually just going to create a little spiral. [MUSIC] Our third napkin ring we're gonna make is probably the simplest. All we need for this one is a gift tag, as well as a chopstick. All you do to get started is you wanna punch a hole. Next step is to write a name on it. I'm using a Silver pen but you can use a chalk pen if you were going to reuse it so you can erase that. We're going to put our chop stick part way through. We're going to take our napkin. Put it under a tag, put it chop stick through from back around the other side. Right. Through that other hole. You want to dress it up a little bit. I like to add just a piece of garland. Slip it right underneath there. And now it's nice and colorful. And there you have it, three simple napkin rings for all of your entertaining needs this holiday. Happy holidays from all of us at Craft Box Girls.
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