How To Make A Hand-Stitched Tea Towel

Join craft guru, author, and founder of Atlanta-based Craft Box Girls Lynn Lilly as she pulls together a beautiful, inexpensive hostess gift. This hand-stitched tea towel with a cute Mason jar motif is a thoughtful holiday offering, and pairs well with your favorite cookie recipe.


Happy holidays. This time of year I'm not only hosting a lot of holiday parties, but I'm also attending, and every good hostess knows you never go to a party empty handed. I'm gonna show you how to make a hand-stitched tea towel. That any hostess would be happy to get. Our first step is gonna be to create a design on your computer or print out a simple image. You're gonna print it out on standard printer paper and once you have it you're gonna flip it over and then using a transfer pen we're actually going to trace the design on the back of the sheet of paper Paper. Our next step is gonna be to transfer it onto tea towel, and the transfer side that we just traced is gonna go face down. Our next step is to iron it. So have your iron on a cotton setting and all you're gonna do is make a few passes over your design. embroidery floss. I love this, because it's inexpensive, and it comes in a bunch of different colors. We're using an embroidery needle, which is a little bit thicker, and it's got a big eye. You're gonna tie a knot in the end. You want to start from the back, small, simple stitches. Stitches. You're gonna tie a knot and trim the exterior floss, and now it's time to stitch the details. [BLANK_AUDIO] To sew the squiggly lines, I like to make sure that I'm using smaller stitches. Once you've trimmed off all the threads on the back, take the hoop off. Once you've ironed it, it's time to So fold it if you think that you are advanced and ready to move on to something more complicated, or want to do a holiday themed one check out this design. And make it extra special by including your favorite cookies and the recipe card for your favorite party hostess. Happy holidays from everyone at Craft Box Girls.
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