Looking to sell your home? Before you do, a few upgrades may be in order. Yes, it may sound like a hassle, but it can increase the percentage value recovered after a sale. Not to mention, it’ll attract interested buyers! Here are 7 renovations from our friends at Coinage to consider before placing that for-sale sign on your front lawn.

Update your kitchen by adding new fixtures and appliances. With this refresh, you can expect to recover 67% of the cost after selling your house. Bathroom renovations are a major selling point for buyers. By tackling the task, you’ll receive 58% of your costs back. Have carpets? Consider changing them to hardwood. You’ll make back 91% of your expenses after finding the right buyer. If you add an additional bathroom, you can raise your home’s overall asking price. It’s estimated that the addition will increase your home’s value on average $26,000. Installing a new roof before selling your home is recommended by 45% of all realtors. Desired by many potential buyers, it’s estimated that you’ll make back 105% of your costs after completing this project. Vinyl windows are weather-resistant and sought after. On average, new windows will add up to $12,000 to your asking price. These home renovations may be costly now, but could allow you to cash in when you sell.

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