How To Remove Painter's Tape with Joanna Gaines

In the pages of Southern Living magazine, you'll find gorgeously painted rooms in every color imagineable. You'll also find patterned rooms and painted floors. But, every good Do-It-Yourselfer knows that you can't just rip painter's tape off of the wall and expect nice, crisp lines. If you pull too early, you'll get smudges. If you pull too late, you'll have dried paint residue under your tape. So, what's the secret to gorgeous, clean edges? Fixer Upper star and Texas native Joanna Gaines on behalf of KILZ has a solution that carries her through major renovation projects to minor household fixes. And, we all know that Joanna's the queen of paint. The key? Be patient with the paint drying process before yanking away that tape. And, pull it off closely and carefully. So, the next time you're hoping to create that white-and-blue striped porch that you've been hoping for – embrace the painter's tape and create stunning lines.


The most rewarding thing about any paint job is the moment you get to take the tape off and see the final product. But the common mistake people do when they're taking off the tape, is that they wait a little too long when the paint is actually dried. What happens is when you take it off when the paint dries it actually creates somewhat of a jaggedy edge. I recommend waiting Until the paint is tacky, it's not too wet and it's not too dry, and that's when you get a perfect line. [MUSIC]
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