How To Load A Roller with Joanna Gaines

Spring-cleaning is in full swing, which often results in the purging of extra objects and the burning desire to repaint your kitchen (anyone else?). Adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls is a great way to brighten up any dreary space, and is an easy spring project. Before you're able to redecorate your whole living room, though, you have to start by loading the paint roller. Although seemingly simple, loading the paint roller incorrectly can make your painting project much more difficult than it actually needs to be. Join Fixer Upper star and Texas native Joanna Gaines on behalf of KILZ as she walks through one of the most fundamental needs of the perfect paint job. And, don't we all want the perfect paint job? So, if you're like us and deciding that you need to give your house a little fresh color, turn into these tips from the DIY expert, Joanna Gaines, to help your home look its best.


[MUSIC] One of the keys to getting a smooth paint job, is actually in the way you load your roller. But first, before you actually dip the roller in the paint, you're gonna wanna clean it with lint brush. This is a high quality roller, so typically you won't have a lot of lint, but just in case. You wanna start by getting all the excess lint off the roller brush So one of the things you for sure wanna avoid is getting paint in this area of the roller. You only want the paint on the fuzzy part which is called the nap. So the key to getting the paint on this roller is not just dumping it in. It's actually doing a little bit at a time and then drawing the paint out. You really wanna make sure the paint is evenly distributed on this roller brush. So now it's like the paint is evenly distributed, the weight feels great, now you wanna let it rest for about a minute. And what this does is it allows the paint to really get absorbed in the fibers so that when you roll it on the wall, it makes it seamless and perfect.
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