How To Keep Your Paintbrushes From Drying Out with Joanna Gaines

Large painting projects often take more than a day to complete. Maybe you're painting a new baby nursery, adding a few fresh coats to your shutters for spring, or even doing a complete re-haul of the downstairs living room. All of these DIY projects take time. And, we've all tried leaving our paintbrushes out overnight, only to find that they have become stiff, dried, and practically unusable when we're ready to get going the next morning. So, how does one keep those paintbrushes soft and ready to go for the next day's work? We turned to the pros at KILZ and Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines for some tips. The Queen of Renovation, Joanna often has to start projects one day and finish them the next. So, she's developed a trick for her paintbrushes – and all you'll need to follow her lead is a few items from around the house.


You know? this has happened before in the middle of a project and somethings comes up, and I gotta put it down for a second, or even for a couple days. Here's a simple tip that will keep your brush soft and subtle so you don't have to clean everything up. SImply get a grocery bag, put your brush in there with the paint on it, and then just make sure that you get all the The air out. [NOISE] Get a rubber band. Tie it up like a ponytail. There you go. You can keep it in this plastic bag for several days. So when you're ready to get back to your project, just use the same brush you started with. [MUSIC]
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