Best Home Improvement Tips for Every Budget

Looking to spruce up your home, but on a tight budget? Our friends at Coinage sat down with real estate mogul and expert Chris Leavitt, who provides the best tips and tricks on how to renovate your home without the price tag. It may not seem like it would make a difference, but a fresh coat of paint really has to power to transform a room. Give the living room a glossy finish, or jazz up the hallway with a pop of color. Adding a coat of paint to the front door can also give the exterior of your home a completely different look. Plant flowers in containers and stack on the front steps, or plant drought-tolerant plants that don't require much work to get major curb appeal. We love a good popcorn recipe, but popcorn ceilings in your home, not so much. Getting rid of this decades-old fad will give your rooms an entirely new feeling. Most importantly, staying on top of home maintenance and giving your home all the love it needs will drastically cut costs in the long run.


[SOUND] Coinage. Life, well spent. Presented by GEICO. If you're thinking of selling your home, you really want to spend as little money as possible, but really spend that money smartly and wisely. My first advice is to paint. Painting the home really, really changes the whole feeling of the home. so it's a really simple, easy way to go about it. Tip number two is what can you plant. This is an easy way to maintain the front of your house without blowing your budget. Shrubs and colorful plants will add appeal to any home. Purchase plants that are native to your region or plants that are drought tolerant; these require less maintainance, less water, and more green in your pocket Tip number 3. Save the popcorn for the movies. If you have popcorn ceilings, get rid of them. It adds a huge value to the home if you remove that. Removing the popcorn at first may not seem like a huge change, but it is huge in adding value to your home. [MUSIC] So tip number 4 is increase the visual square footage. Visual space is really what matters. So the key is to make each room feel much larger and really just sort of expand each room. Through the time that you're living in your home, always keep up with small updates. Staying on top of maintenance today really eliminates problems down the road. [SOUND] Coinage, life, well spent. Presented by Geico.
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