Watch Now: A Complete Cottage Kitchen Makeover

This budget-friendly cottage kitchen in Prattville, Alabama is our renovation goals for the year. Lifestyle blogger Layla Palmer helps the Green family renovate their home in the midst of a financial crisis, proving that you can redesign and update the spaces you love in your home, even when you're on a budget.


[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] This week I'm in Prattville, sweet home Alabama and I'm gonna help my friends Tommy and Shelley update their kitchen. Right now the room. The home is sort of builder basic, and doesn't really have a lot of personality. So I'm gonna help them pull things together and of course add a huge dose of cottage style. I'm Layla part blogger part designer, and one of my favorite things To do is help folks see the possibilities in their design dilemmas. Whether we're picking out new paint colors or redesigning an entire room. I love it. [MUSIC] I'm Shelly Green and this is my husband Tommy, and we have three kids, ages 10, 7 and 3. And about four months ago, we were in a dilemma, whether to update our house or to buy a new house. Because our families grown, and we only have three bedrooms. And we really wanted to have four bedrooms. We also wanted to update our house a little bit. So a couple of months after we put it on the market, we had a buyer. We were so excited. We started house hunting and we found one that we absolutely fell in love with. But one of the conditions of the people buying our house is that they wanted to move in earlier than we could actually purchase that house. So we went ahead and put all of our stuff in storage and so we moved everything out and then about two days before we were supposed to close on this house The contract fell through, and the buyers weren't going to purchase our house, which meant we couldn't purchase our other house, which kind of put us back to, are we gonna remodel or are we gonna put our house back on the market? So we decided to remodel, and we're gonna start with the kitchen. [MUSIC] Okay. So I just met with Tom and Sherry and here's what we were thinking. Granite is grey back slash is grey and awesome bar suite and a Rocco sink But that's where the cool stops, kind of. So, we're going to take a look at their cabinets and kind of leave everything else out of this because it is good to go and it's neutral and it's kind of de-saturate which makes their cabinets look kind of orangey. So, I think if we concentrate On giving these cabinets a facelift with color. And maybe some demo. We're going to take this bad boy out right here. And maybe creating a shaker look door with trim, this whole place will start to look cohesive. On this side of the room, we're going to create more natural light By creating a cut-out, we're gonna open this wall up and give them a big window. They're gonna lose some light down at the other end of the kitchen because they need to create an extra bedroom so this will give it back to them. Once these cabinets come down, we're gonna lose a lot of storage but we're gonna give them some storage back on the bottom so we're gonna add some base cabinets And do something really fun with our countertop over here, but that's a secret. You'll have to wait and see. First up we're gonna reface these kitchen cabinets. And this is a trick I learned from some friends of mine, Peter and Josette, and it worked great at their house. So, we're going to try it Tommy and Shelly's, too. Basically I had Brian the carpenter cut us some very thin pieces of plywood. After you attach these with little brads Boom. New shaker doors. No more curvy lines. Just clean, simple, awesome. [MUSIC] So we just went to the paint store and we got some Navajo white paint. As you can see on my thumb. And I think it's the perfect color for their Kitchen because it's not a bright white, it's like a creamy white. And I feel like their counters and their back splash is creamier. So we want to go with a creamier white. [MUSIC] Today we are working on this side of the kitchen. Which is really fun, because this has been transformed the most, I think, out of the whole room. We've got a new wall And it did close off some natural light but we got a new cut-out so we have all kinds of natural light coming in from the living room. We have a new countertop. And it didn't cost very much and that's really cool. Could have replaced it with matching granite. That would have cost a fortune. So what we did was we got Butcher block that was $169 and we topped it on top of our existing base cabinets. Some scrap wood in the center. We're gonna create some shelves and then a salvage cabinet that we got for free down at that end. So all these together primed, painted. They'll all look like they were always one happy family. And then we'll stain the butcher block to match their existing hardwood floors. I'm crazy excited about this. This is huge impact for low dough. Speaking of transformations, Bryan the carpenter was able to remove this previously curvy Piece of wood that was up here and replace it with something more kind of clean lined and it'll match our shaker style doors to a T. And this is what he used. It's called a flat saw. And the wood that was up there was actually in there really good. It was really hard to get out just by banging on it. And we didn't want to damage this flourescent light that was back here. So, he just cut down the sides and then it popped out no problem. So this is the tool you want to use when you have a bear of a piece of wood. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Okay. It is day 92. No. I'm kidding. It's day maybe, 14. It's been a couple of weeks. But we are done with the kitchen, and I love it. [MUSIC] Today we kicked the family out. They've been here for most of the renovation, but we wanted to get in here and decorate and And then surprise them when they got home. So that's what we've been up to. But before they get here, I wanna give you a tour of the whole space and kinda talk about some of the design dilemmas and how we fixed them. First up, obviously, the cabinets. That was the biggest change in this space. And it didn't cost a fortune. Actually I'll break it down. One sheet of plywood, one gallon of primer, one gallon of paint, and 100 bucks worth of knobs, hinges and poles. And that's it. [MUSIC] Next up is our beautiful butcher block counter which came together so perfectly. If you remember, this was a salvage cabinet. And this was an existing cabinet. And this was scrap wood but, with a whole lot of primer and paint and some new hardware over here. Everything ties together and we have a huge work space now. Which is sealed with a food safe sealer. So they can roll out pizza or make cookies or have a dance party. Whatever they wanna do, this sucker is Sealed and protected. So I imagine they'll get tons of use out of this. So last but not least is the desk area, and I love the way this turned out. You can really see how the creams and the darks and the granite tie in with the hardware and the paint on the cabinetry I could eat it. Give me a spoon. I'll be back later. [LAUGH] Just kidding. I didn't have to do much as far as accessorizing. So this space was super easy to. Just a few things here and there. I'm really excited to show the family so I'm gonna go get them. Okay, come on in. Eyes covered. And one of you put your backs against the sink. So go over there, eyes covered. No peeking. Okay, ready one, two, open your eyes! My gosh! My gosh, look at this wall! [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I love it! It is awesome, that is awesome! [MUSIC] My god [MUSIC] Wow. Wow! Wow. My goodness. I love it. That is awesome. She loves it, she loves it. That is awesome. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Yay, high five. Woo. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Let's eat. [UNKNOWN] Let's eat. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] This week on the Letter Cottage, I'm gonna help my friend Tommy and Shelley update their out dated kitchen and take it from being the basic to something a little more custom. A something I said. [LAUGH] Okay. [NOISE] Eeee. [LAUGH] And our solution to not [NOISE] Reinstalling granite [LAUGH] Good. [LAUGH] Top it with coat of block that won't stain too much. There are hardwood floors, mind blown [LAUGH] Right now the room is pretty builder basic and kind of lacks a lot of personality Gosh, fire ants..aaaaahhh. I'm serious. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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