Houses We Love: The Inspired Home at Cape Fear Station

It's no secret that we here at Southern Living love building houses. We especially love it when building the house includes the work of some of our beloved Southern Living Homes program members. By combining four of Southern Living's beloved homes programs, the 2015 Southern Living Inspired Home at Cape Fear Station on Bald Head Island represents true Southern architecture, design, and a deep sense of community.

Designed by Allison Ramsey Architects, built by Jeff Sanderson of Whitney Blair Custom Homes, decorated by Vicky Serany of Southern Studio Interior Design, and located on Cape Fear Station at Bald Head Island, the Inspired Home encompasses many of the Southern Living Home's programs - a Southern Living House Plan, built by a Southern Living Custom Builder Program member, decorated by a Coastal Living and Southern Living Designer Network member, and located in a Southern Living Inspired Community.

Take a sneak peek at what's inside:

Want more information on the Inspired Home and the Southern Living Inspired Communities program? Check out this short video:

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