Outdoor Decorating for Fall and Thanksgiving

Hello again and Happy Autumn! I hope you had a wonderful summer and back-to-school season since we last saw each other around Independence Day. Just as I was back then, I have been busy decorating around the garden, this time for fall and the Thanksgiving holiday. I love this time of year, with its mild temperatures, warm colors, tailgating traditions and the like, so I just can't resist giving the garden a little seasonal flair! In case you are in need of any last minute decorating ideas for your next game-watching party or for your Thanksgiving dinner, I thought I would give you a little autumnal tour around the house. So, put on your jacket, and let's take a walk Outside the Box!

In the Entry Garden, I used displays of pumpkins, squashes, gourds and other seasonal items to dress up the gate and carried the same theme through the garden to the doorway, where a bittersweet arbor also adds a pop of color against the dark brick of the house. Of course, I couldn't overlook the two large urns that flank the doorway: they received their own treatment, transforming them into a sort of modern-day cornucopia.

Moving around the side of the house, the Fountain Garden got its own makeover. In fact, the fountain was removed for cleaning and replaced with a seasonal display in an old cast-iron urn.

The Courtyard had to get its fair share of fall decor, as well, and is ready for friends to drop by for cocktails and S'mores!

And finally, the little room adjacent to the Courtyard got a touch of autumn with rustic arrangements and potted plants appropriate for the season. I call this spot the Bone Garden because I have a display of cow bones I found once on a garden installation and because all the items here were salvaged from the dumpster in one way or another. Either damaged during shipping or trade-ins from new client projects, the planters are crumbling; the table is chipped; the benches are rickety, but this eclectic mix of trash-to-treasure objects is one of my favorite parts of the garden.

So, that is what's going on around here...pumpkin explosion! Thanks for taking this little tour with me and good luck with your own autumnal decorations. See you again soon!

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