Nothing can spruce up a Southern home in the fall quite like pumpkins, and we can’t wait to unload our annual haul from the pumpkin patch every year to get started on decorating for our favorite fall holidays. If you want to skip the plain old Jack O’ Lantern this year, we suggest going for a fresh and creative no-carve design that looks good in or out of the home. That’s where this adorable watermelon pumpkin comes in to give our Halloween decorating look a little slice of summer. This simple painted pumpkin gives a fun, fruity twist to your routine pumpkin décor, and we love using an unexpected color, like this bright fuchsia, to revamp our home for Halloween. Plus, a painted pumpkin will last much longer on your front stoop than a carved one will. Got another fruity favorite? This concept can turn into a bushel of fruits that look just adorable together on your table or front porch. We’re seeing pineapple, apple, or even kiwi-themed pumpkins in our future—we just can’t get enough!

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