Simple and natural, decorative pinecones are a staple for rustic fall decorating. You can add them to your fireplace mantel, throw them into a bowl with some fragrant pomanders, or even use them on placecards on your holiday table. Here's an DIY tutorial for beautiful (and easy!) bleached pinecones. This craft has minimal hands-on time, and is relatively inexpensive when you can source the pinecones from your neighborhood or backyard. If you're bringing in pinecones from outside, however, be sure that you're not bringing in any extra friends – ants can sometimes hide in the crevices. The only supplies you'll need for this easy DIY are pinecones, bleach, water, and a heavy weight. You can also vary the sizes of your pinecones to create some visual interest in a centerpiece or dish. We've used bricks to keep the pinecones submerged, but make sure that you're comfortable with bleach on whichever heavy weight you choose.

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