The Year in Mason Jars

If "Portlandia" has it's "put a bird on it," Southern Living has its equivalent: "Put a Mason Jar on it!" Here's a secret: sometimes in planning meetings at SL, we joke that we could dedicate an entire section to the South's favorite container. So, on the final day of 2012, we decided to salute the mighty vessel with a look back on our top 10 mason jars of the year.

1. Recently we told you about the Mason Shaker, a cocktail shaker created by two Brooklynites by way of Virginia. Today is your last day to enter to win the spirited jar that was featured in our Holiday Gift Guide.

2. We love these berry pretty Christmas decorations spotted at the Idea House in Senoia, Georgia.

3. Anthropology’s mason jar snow globes were spotted at more than one Southern Living editor’s house this season.

4. Our editorial intern stumbled across this gem of an invention that turns your masons into a sippy cup. Thanks to Cuppow, we can now sip sweet tea on the road without fear of it ending up all over the car seat.

5. We're always on the hunt for restaurants that serve the yummiest things under the lid. In our Summer in the South package we told you about Victory Sandwich Bar, an Atlanta sandwich spot that serves up refreshing Jack and cola slushes in a what else—a mason jar. In the same piece, we serve up a recipe for the ultimate summer cola cocktail. The end of the directions tell you to store the mix in an airtight container—you know what that means.

6. The Delta Grill in Greenwood, Mississippi shares our love for as light fixtures

7. We went old school with this recipe for classic sorghum stored in a… mason jar.

8. Ballard Designs creative director and stylist Jill Sharp Brinson helped us set the table using pieces from our capsule collection with the company, including this oversized mason jar used for serving fresh lemonade.

9. No round-up of jars would be complete without a pretty, rustic centerpiece. It’s the most coveted accessory of a Southern DIY wedding.

10. OK this one is from 2011, but how darn cute are these Jar-o’-Lanterns?

Tell us about the most inventive use for mason jars you've found in the comments!

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