The Lamp You Need Now

After five years of playing the drums to rocking crowds, Adam Gatchel had a eureka moment. Maybe it was the effect of all those stage lights, but Adam had a wild idea that he could create amazing light fixtures. So, he actually quit the band and did it. Adam hunkered down in Nashville, and started selling homemade lamps through his Etsy shop the Southern Lights Electric Company. His lights took off immediately and it's easy to see why -- each one is strikingly simple with just the right industrial touch to give any space just a little bit of edge. Adam, self-taught in lamp design and manufacturing, creates each piece entirely by hand then stamps and dates them. We loved the look and rockabilly soul of Adam's fixtures so much that we jumped to feature his Original Bell Jar Lamp ($125, pictured above) in our September issue's "Southern Made: Upgrade Your Office."

Keep scrolling to see what else made our cut for best in Southern Made office essentials.

Leave a good and lasting impression with these Letterpress Business Cards from Birmingham-based Four Hats Press ($125/100)

Everyone needs a not-so-serious desk to do their serious work like this Chevron Upholstered Desk from Hickory, North Carolina's Drexel Heritage ($1,010) and don't forget to enter for a chance to win it!

Try a punchy patterned pencil tray to corral all your desk essentials (no more misplaced Sharpies), this one was handmade by Burnt Creative ($26) in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Protect your high-tech pad with an old-fashioned Cherry wooden cover ($125) that's built by hand in Donnie Fauber's Staunton, Virginia wood shop.

Made in Houston, pick-up a Marye-Kelley custom clipboard emblazoned with your monogram or your profile ($45 - $60) to do paper work while you're on the go.

Even garbage can be chic with a slipcovered wastebasket from Austin, Texas based Squarefeathers ($75).

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