How To Decorate a Room That Grows With Your Little One

Photography by Reagan Taylor
Designer Network member Shannon Crain shares her top five ways to create a nursery that will grow just as quickly as your little ones do!     

We went to college alongside each other and connected the minute I moved to Houston, Texas this past year. Words cannot say how thankful I am that Erin Williams called me to create the room of her dreams for Baby Max, or more formally, Maxwell Henry Williams.

As client and designer, we focused on communication from moment one. Erin told me that she did not want a “baby room”, but one that Max could grow with.

We kept our decisions classic in almost every aspect. Below are my top five ways to create a nursery that will grow just as quickly as your little ones do!

1) Original artwork is worth the investment. Take time to think about the “big kid bedroom” and what it may feel like one day. Once the crib leaves Max's room it is ready to be a big boy room. Yes, it’s possible to plan that far out. Erin and I enlisted Kayce Hughes to create the perfect piece.

Photography by Reagan Taylor

2) Color is fun (in small doses): Tune into the picture you see of your little one laughing and go from there! Even if they turn out to be totally different, you have already taught them to dream BIG! Erin went with pops of orange without going over the top.

3) Draw from real life: Erin mentioned that her husband loves to drive his JEEP on the weekend and we made a point to find artwork to pay tribute. We owe Leslee Mitchell a big thank you for this sweet orange JEEP.

Photography by Reagan Taylor

4) Wallpaper is not out: Make sure your choices speak to the right audience. Age 2 and up … let’s make sure they aim for the stars.

5) D U R A B L E. When in doubt use cowhide and other natural materials for their resilience and multitasking abilities.

Photography by Reagan Taylor

I hope you enjoy these tips on creating a lasting nursery. I’m on design number 23 for kids’ rooms completed, and I cannot wait for the next! Please send questions and kudos to

With delight,


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