Check Out This Amazing Ole Miss Dorm Room

We don't often think of college dorm rooms as being "fancy," but there are two students who've put together the fanciest dorm room we've ever seen. Abby Bozeman and Lindy Goodson are freshmen at Ole Miss with an impeccable eye for interior design. When the two girls (who were strangers prior to becoming fellow Rebels at the University of Mississippi) saw their cinder block walls and dorm mattresses, they immediately went to work turning their cramped space into an elegant retreat. With tufted headboards, mirrored furniture, and matching monogrammed pillows, this dorm space is truly a work of art. Following the dorm rules of not putting holes into the walls, the girls resorted to hanging everything in their room with Command Strips. Using T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, and antique stores as their guide, Lindy and Abby transformed their dorm room on a budget. The girls did spring for custom-made headboards, pillows, and bedskirts to complete the look. Abby mentioned that she did consider interior decorating at one point, and it's something that's she picked up through the years. "I feel like it's a skill that we just acquired from our moms," she said.

We joined Abby and Lindy at Ole Miss to take a look at the room that's gone viral since Lindy posted it on Twitter. “Some of them were like, ‘I can’t believe you painted the walls,’ but we didn’t!” Lindy said. She also mentioned that other girls have reached out to ask Abby and Lindy to help them decorate their own dorm rooms (a request to which the girls enthusiastically agreed!). We're not sure what career paths that Abby and Lindy have chosen, but Chip and Joanna Gaines had better look out – these Ole Miss freshmen have the talent to take the decorating world by storm. Take a peek inside this incredible room with a tour from the decorators themselves.


Hey. Welcome to Ole Miss. I posted a tweet in hopes that my friends from home would see it. I'm from Illinois. So I guess just from there a lot of people were retweeting it, and favoritng it. I mean the before picture just looked really bad. It was like our dads moving the beds. [MUSIC] Comfort is really important to I think both of us, [LAUGH]. We like lying in the beds, so. I remember when we walked in I sort of I wanted to cry. Yeah, the door mattress. Once we have got, blankets, pillows. The hard board definitely helped cuz it covered up a lot of the [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] So the desk came with [UNKNOWN]. [UNKNOWN] Wood grain, yeah. And We had those filled. The mirrors were a loss because it made the whole room look a lot bigger and the whole thing just adds height. It was important to us to have a living space because again it makes it feel more homey and it gives you more places to sit in this small room, I mean where are your friends supposed to sit, on the bed with you? No. The rebel letters, they are all command stripped to the wall. We didn't put any holes in the walls at all. It is against the rules to put holes in the wall and I am a rule follower. So I was team command strip. My mom and I found this in an antique store. And it's original color was like dark brown. It had like I think Two drawer but went missing one so we just had like completely just cleaned out and we repainted it. They were just playing burlap type color but then you put little bit of ribbon on it and it makes it cute and honestly the most important part is that. Put shoes in it. Yeah like why would we have these here? I mean of course to help us get on the bed but we need somewhere to put shoes. I think that style and how you present yourself, you're Living space is a reflection of who you are which sometimes mine's messy, sometimes I'm messy, I mean that makes sense, all the time I'm messy. I actually thought about being an interior designer but it's just off it's just like a skill for moms. Girls have been messaging us on social media asking us if we'll help them Which for sure? With their dorms [LAUGH]. I would encourage, please message me. [LAUGH] [MUSIC]
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