How to Style a Mantle with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his best tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. A mantle is one of the most elegant parts of your home, so why not show it off? Whether you're styling your mantle for the season with festive touches or looking for evergreen decor, James is sharing his favorite ideas.


Probably my favorite thing to decorate in my house is my mantle. I think the fireplace is such a great focal point in your living room or whatever room where your mantle is. But what's so fun to me about a mantle is that it's a great expression, a great place to celebrate the season. For me that's greenery right from the land and right from the garden. Some fun flowers, I love a festive color. Maybe it's from roses or berries, but it's just that it's fun to put it all together. Have a harmony and a sing song of different heights, different textures, and some great holiday color. Don't overlook your mantel. It is a key point to decorating, and it happens to be this farmer's favorite thing to decorate for the holidays. [MUSIC]
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