Fruit, Flowers, and Foliage with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his best tips and tricks for holiday entertaining. When it comes to bringing color into his home, James sticks to these three 'F's – fruit, flowers, and foliage. Create a beautiful centerpiece or arrangement with these simple ideas.


Whenever people ask me questions about decorating for Christmas, or for a baby shower, or a wedding, I always tell them to make a straight A. When it comes to flowers, you need three F's. Fruit, flowers, and foliage, if you have those three F's, you can put them all together and have a wonderful display. For me at Christmas time, I love using Using citrus, especially oranges. They're coming in from the gulf and down in South Florida, and they remind me of what my granddaddy would say, I got an orange for Christmas. And we'd say, an orange what? And he'd say, an orange. Piles of oranges are just so pretty, grapefruit, lemons. It's a beautiful display. Your foliage can be the Southern classics, pine, magnolia. Holly, I love using nandina mixed with other foliages. Now for the flowers, that's your real pop. In this case, my go to are amaryllis. I love the colors that come in. You have whites and reds, you have beautiful colors of peach and coral, all the shades in between. I love that pop of color. And it looks great with orange citrus, too. So if you want straight A when it comes to flowers, remember the three Fs, fruit, flower, and foliage. [MUSIC]
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