Decorating Between Lamps with James Farmer

We went behind the scenes with SL Editor-At-Large James Farmer at his Perry, Georgia cottage to talk about his best tips for holiday entertaining. Styling between two lamps can be a challenging decorating task, so James is breaking down his tricks.


We've all been a place in our house where we have maybe a big painting or a mirror, a long console underneath, and two lamps on either side. It's classic. It's a great look, but sometimes decorating in between it is what makes it so fun. In this case, I broke up the symmetry of the two lamps on the console with the arrangements in between. A fun, little threesome in the back that I've got with a pitcher I found at an antiques store somewhere along the way. Stacked up on a couple books. A tall arrangement with amarillas. A magnolia that give it that seasonal nod. And then a lower element. In this case a carved little black forest bubble. And then to balance it, I've got a long wooden tray filled with lime green apples. Which y'all is easy. It's grocery store decor. A wonderful centerpiece. So I'm gonna go in between the two lamps on a console table. And after your photo shoot you can make an apple pie. So when you've got a spot that you need to fill in in between two lamps, remember, keep it easy with an informal balance of a collection on one side of favorite things. Flowers, couple found pieces Is and on the other side something great and seasonal like these apples. It's a great way to fill in between two lamps and it always is so great looking and easy to do. [MUSIC]
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