House Plan of the Month: Four Gables

If you've ever wished you could live in a famous painting, here's your chance! The Four Gables (pictured above) looks like it came straight from Grant Wood's American Gothic -- you know the picture with the couple (and their pitchfork) standing in front of their farmhouse. We're charmed by the idea to live in such a quintessentially American cottage.

The Plan: Four Gables, Plan 1832 The Details: 2,341 square feet; 3 to 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths The Price: from $1,100 The Architect: L. Mitchell Ginn & Associates, Newnan, GA

The Inspiration: For this plan, Mitch recalls the traditional styling of the beloved Folk Victorian farmhouse. “It gets the name Four Gables from the four identical intersecting gables that form its major roof structure. The simple lines and open floor plan work great whether on an in-town lot, at the lake, in the mountains, or just out in the countryside,” says Mitch. “I created this plan while daydreaming in church, so i hope it has heavenly inspiration.”

Expansive Floor Plan: One of Mitch's primary design goals was to simplify the floor plan to reduce any wasted square footage while at the same time maximizing livability. Rooms are large and open, especially the arrangement of the kitchen, eating, and living areas, these three spaces combine providing very long sight lines and making the main floor feel much larger.

Southern Style:

Addition Potentital: Intersecting gables allow for three graciously sized bedrooms upstairs. There’s attic space that may be finished as an additional closet or larger rear bedroom. And in the adjacent bedroom, there’s extra space in the attic that may work as the perfect study niche, built-in desk, or toy nook. If site conditions allow, there's also the option to build a basement beneath the home.

The Floor Plan:

Learn more about the Four Gables and other dream homes from Mitch at

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