Gold: A Timeless Choice for Wedding China

The passing of Valentine’s Day unofficially marks the end of engagement season and now brides-to-be across the South are diving right into their wedding prep.

One thing all brides will be registering for is fine china. It's quite a serious decision for a girl with a lifetime of entertaining ahead of her! Obviously, choosing a china pattern can be overwhelming; you want to be true to your personal style, but still be able to appreciate your choice for years to come. Thankfully, gold embellishments are a classic look that you won't regret.

Here are five options (all found in the South, of course) we are loving for brides this year.

1. Simple and Classic For the bride with a more traditional approach to her china, the Eternal Monogrammed Dinnerware Set by Lenox is the perfect choice. With Lenox ivory fine china and 24-karat trim, you can make this set uniquely your own by personalizing it with your new combined monogram or initials. Guaranteed to work on any Southern table no matter the event, it's also dishwasher-safe—because there's already enough to worry about when planning a dinner.

2. Bold and Banded This porcelain Haviland Oasis Dinnerware set has a gold trim with a bright pop of color and delicate detailing. It is unique enough to stand alone, yet still classic enough to coordinate with many different table settings and occasions.

3. Fancy and Floral The Painted Camellia bone china set by Marchesa is delicate and feminine with its 24-karat gold rim and floral accents. If the groom-to-be isn't a fan, letting him know it's all dishwasher-safe might help him overlook the pink flowers.

4. Opulent and Oriental Make a statement with the Royal Crown Derby Gold Aves dinnerware set. The English bone china with 22-karat gold trim features a rich bird and floral motif that can give your table a more exotic feel, yet still work well with more traditional pieces.

5. Geometric and Modern The Mulholland Fine China set by Kelly Wearstler is based off the wallpaper in Kelly's own home. The set features a bold mix of abstract lines in a gold metallic that gives the classic Southern table a modern edge.

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