Fortuny Fabrics Influencing Southern Style

Recently, we rounded up six of our favorite Southern textile designers in the August issue's Southern Made: Hand-Printed Fabrics. More than one of these new artisans described their designs as "Fortuny-like." For those not in the fabric world, Fortuny is an Italian company best known for creating some of the world's finest fabrics.

Over a century ago, Mariano Fortuny invented the secret and meticulous printing method that the company still uses today. Each bolt is printed by a photographic process, hand-painted, and then dusted with gold and silver powders for added shimmer. Imagine our delight (and the great timing!) when Fortuny Interiors, a new book from Gibbs Smith out this month, came across our desk. The book tells the company's history and is filled with photos of homes adorned with Fortuny's sumptuous fabrics.

Always on the hunt for instant heirlooms, Southern decorators seek out Fortuny's patterns for their beauty and their timelessness. The fabrics can be reworked time and time again or passed down to younger generations. Check out our sneak peek into four fine Southern homes from the book -- each one all done up in its Fortuny best.

For a copy of your own Fortuny Interiors, head over to Gibbs Smith to purchase.

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