Exciting News: Chip and Joanna Gaines Have a New Series On the Way

Laura Cavanaugh/WireImag
And a sneak peek is coming soon!

Joanna Gaines, joined by Chip, took to Instagram on March 22 to share some exciting news with Fixer Upper fans! They will be starring in a new series this year on HGTV called Behind the Design. See the full announcement in the video below.


Fun news!! Watch #behindthedesign Tuesday 3/28 at 10p CST #sniupfront

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In the Instagram video, Joanna explained that they always receive questions about how they come up with the design ideas for their projects. The new show will focus on sharing the inside scoop on crunch-time decision-making, and how design elements are chosen for each project.

Viewers will get to see a sneak peek of the new show this Tuesday, March 28 at 10pm CST, after the season four finale of Fixer Upper and a new episode of Home Town. Set your DVR now! This is something Fixer Upper fanatics will not want to miss.

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