House Plans: A New Take on Tradition

Our monthly house plan feature has returned! The Tallaway is inspired by shingled homes that line the streets of many old neighborhoods.
Robert Martin
Tallaway House Plan
Open Air Architecture

You don’t have to be well-versed in classical architecture to appreciate Tallaway’s confident, straightforward elegance. Residential designer Mitch Ginn has already handled that for you. Avoiding the common mistake of tucking columns completely under the beams they’re supporting, Mitch placed handsome Tuscan columns on Tallaway’s front porch correctly. “Starting at the top of the column, the column’s neck should align with the front and back faces of the porch beam (also called the architrave) above,” explains Mitch. “In doing so, the decorative top or capital of a column will extend past the width of the beam.”

Other features, such as the front French doors and two roof dormers with curved-top windows and operable shutters, give this home a pleasing, well-balanced presence. To keep Tallaway from appearing too formal, Mitch chose cedar shakes as the primary siding, along with board and batten on the garage to make it eye-catching and inviting.

Conveniently Placed Porch: Located adjacent to the keeping and family rooms, Tallaway’s screened back porch is great spill-over space for parties and family get-togethers.
Mudroom: What better place for the laundry room than just off the mater bathroom and close to the kitchen via a mudroom!
Generous Garage: You have the option to keep the garage at two bays, or add another for extra parking.
Open Kitchen: There’s no problem in keeping an eye on your kids or company in this spacious cooking spot.

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