A Spring Table Setting

Jennifer Carroll of Jennifer Carroll Events in Charlottesville, Virginia shares advice for setting a beautiful table for spring.


My name is Jennifer Caroll with Jennifer Caroll Events in Charlottesville, Virginia. My inspiration for this table began with blue willow ware. I love just the timelessness of blue and white, and I think that pattern just really makes the most out of that combination. But, to make it a little bit more fresh, a little bit more modern, I wanted to add in some of the green. And I loved the idea of a crisp, green apple. So, to, mix those together, I looked for pieces that would enhance that. And was very fortunate when I found this wonderful fabric, that had a feeling of, Deepak, but had that fabulous mix, to make it fresh and, and colorful. The details on the table that really make a difference to me are the green apples in the center piece. I love mixing in the unexpected in that way and I think it really engages guests at the table. I also love the monograms, it's such a southern tradition to have our monograms, and I really love that. I also love the use of the drawer pulls with the place cards. I think that's a really fun way to take an every day item and make it new, refresh it, repurpose it, on this table. Also I love the use of just the mix and match of the flatware and the tableware, the layering of things, I think that all just adds to the overall ambiance of it.
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