Sponsored: JCPenney Designs Dreams

JCPenney partners with Operation FINALLY HOME to design beautiful homes for veterans and their families.


[MUSIC] JCPenney was founded on the golden rule People and we've always had a long history of giving back. Operation Find a Home has hand selected five different families in five different cities and along with this they partner with a home builder in each one of these cities it came in and built a custom Come home. And we felt like we could be the final piece of the puzzle, to come in and make this veteran's house a home, and very special, with merchandise that we have. We work for J.C. Penney, and I'm from the Franklin store I'm just honored to be able to come here and help to give back for everything that he's given to us. The volunteer effort that the JC Penney's team does is amazing. It is so fabulous. In 24 hours they're able to come in, move stuff out, bring stuff in and completely change the landscape of the home. [MUSIC] My role was to help design the spaces. Decorate it, bring it to life, add the family's personalities into it, bring color into the space and make it a home that they could live in. It's been great working with Stephanie on this project. She's done an incredibly amazing job and it's neat to watch JCPenny Take our things, provide them to the Veterans, and make the house home for them. JC Penny has a huge home furnishing selection. We've got every color, every pattern, every type of material you can think of. If I could create a space that brings them peace and comfort and rest and relaxation That's a job well done. [MUSIC] On behalf of operation finally home with JC Penny we'd like to welcome you to your new home. Welcome home. No way! Surprise. I love it! My goodness. Wow. What!. My gosh. I don't know man it was awesome. They had a whole list That's the things that make our lives better that I never even thought of. [MUSIC] The moments that are stand out is just watching them. Watching them see their new place for the first time. [LAUGH] I really appreciate this. This is very nice. When I first walked in, I was very shocked.I started crying. This is a blessing that we'll never forget. They'll have a place to come home each and every night and call their own. It's especially outfitted for them, it's very special. All these organizations work together to make the most amazing Home we've ever seen. It really takes a big bird off with families. Yeah. This is definitely, financially, and mental, emotional. And it's a blessing. I think this is the beginning of a amazing partnership, with operation finally home. And it's an amazing project for JC Penney, where we can continue to support a cause that is near and dear to our associate's hearts, to our customer's hearts, and we'll definitely continue this effort moving forward.
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