Step Inside the Southern Living Barn Bash

To celebrate our golden anniversary, we went all out— from a signature cocktail to a legendary band.


[MUSIC] We are here in south side Alabama celebrating Southern Living's 50th anniversary. This is how Southern Living throws a barn party. [MUSIC] So it's the 50th anniversary of Southern Living. That means it's our golden anniversary. So we went with a gold theme for this barn party. We got a giant golf 50 that lights up. It's gonna look spectacular at night. We've got a gold champagne tower and we have a gold theme running through every aspect of the party. It's just gonna be really fantastic. [MUSIC] So for Southern Living to be 50 years old, you know, it's great, we're excited that the brand has made it this far and this great magazine has been around for so long But this also really a celebration of the South, it's a celebration of our culture, of our food and our music, our homes and our gardens. All the beautiful places in the South. It's really about celebrating where we live, where we come from, and celebrating the South. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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