Media Organization

Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your media room.


You know TVs are a fact of life. But just don't throw a TV on top of any old chest. Design it to fit into your room. Thinner and thinner TVs are a decorators friend. Now you can tuck a television into just about any place you want. New and old furniture can easily be retrofitted to accomadate flat screens. And with motorized systems, you can even design pieces that conceal the television completely when its not in use. A shallow alcove or cavity between the studs, can easily become an entertainment center with sliding or hinged doors. And don't forget about the trend of putting a TV above the fireplace. With a frame and motorized canvas, it can look like your favorite painting. Yet still offer up your favorite movie. Older televisions can be made stylish as well. Design cabinets with plenty of storage, and retractable doors. So they don't stick too far out into the room. Also, play with color. Custom built-ins with great colors, offer storage with style.
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