Laundry Room Organization

Executive Home Editor Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your laundry room.


Laundry rooms have long taken a back seat to style, but they don't have to be dark, drab spaces. Inject your personal taste in creative storage ideas into these functional spaces. Try painting your cabinets a favorite color. Green cabinets with lattice doors provide stylist storage, making this laundry look more like a kitchen than work room. Let your laundry do double duty by having a project center. A dowel fitted with different ribbons, turns this laundry room into a part time wrapping center. Islands have long been a centerpiece in the kitchen, and can work well in the laundry, too. Instead of being fitted with appliances and wine storage, this one is crafted to hold baskets to assist in sorting. Or consider a big metal table, perfect for folding towels or flower arranging, and they don't have to be that expensive.
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