Home Office Organization

Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your home office.


[MUSIC] An office can be in its own room, a corner in the kitchen or even a small, closet-like space. Storage ideas big and small can turn just about any room into a home office. An armoire makes a great small office with plenty of room for the computer. Since they are small, you can customize them easily and affordably. For a more permanent office, storage is a must. Look for easy-to-reach shelves above. Combine cubbies for mail or phone chargers with cabinets and some display place for books and decorative items to make a very functional work area. Open shelving is also a must. You can stack books, boxes and even paper for quick access. If your desk looks at a blank wall, cover that wall in a bulletin board or magnetic material for invitations, kids' art work, and pictures Corners make great computer nooks because you can have a place for your workstation but swing around for storage and additional counter space. An organized closet can service an extra bedroom with supplies, or pegboard can add quick organization to a blank wall. If your room will allow it, try for a movable cart. The shelves below add additional storage, and the top will add work space in a pinch.
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