Garage & Mudroom Organization

Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your garage or mudroom.


The garage and mud room are two spaces in everyone's home that can always use more organization and storage ideas. Shelves, cabinets, hooks and plastic tubs all lend a hand to organize these spaces. Paint cans and other solvents work well in cabinets or on high shelves out of reach. Ladders, lawn tools, and sporting goods work well when hung or stored in tubs or lockers. There are great track systems and wall boards that allow you to hang things and easily reconfigure them as you add more stuff. [MUSIC] When selecting materials use metal and plastic or treated wood since the garage is often subject to moisture and other harsh elements. Also, get everything you can off the floor, it will make sweeping and cleaning much easier. In the mud room style often trumps utility, but you still need to be sure the space is functional. Good looking labels on baskets, turn them into a chic recycling center. Open cubes with a low rod or hooks, encourage small children to hang their stuff up when they come in the back door. Doors on lockers make it easy to keep the mess out of site. If your mud room is near the kitchen, don't be afraid to let your cabinets reflect those in the kitchen. Something as simple as a small bench can lend immediate function to a small nook by the back door. Be sure to have a place to pin up schedules and jot down notes. Cabinet doors and open walls lined with cork or coated with chalkboard paint offer inexpensive alternative to a big elaborate bulletin board.
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