Folding a Fitted Sheet

Watch our homes editor, Katie Snowden, show you how to neatly fold your fitted sheet.


To fold a fitted sheet, start with the sheet inside out. Put one hand in each of two adjacent corners running the width of the sheet, with your hands palm up and the seams running along the length of your hand. Bring your right palm over your left and fold the right-hand corner of the sheet over the left-hand corner of the sheet, carefully lining up the seams. Next, reach down and grab the sheet corner adjacent to the one that was in your right hand. Fold it over the others, again lining up the seams. This third corner should be inside out. Bring the last corner up and fold it over the other threes so it is right side out. Again, lining up the seams. Now, you can lay the sheet out and straighten out the edges. Fold the elastic edges in to neaten the edge. Then, simply fold the sheet until you have a small rectangle. Which will stack nicely in your linen closet.
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