Style Guide: Bedroom Closet Organization

Executive Home Editor Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your closet.


Face it, your closets are always smaller than you want them to be. Make them feel bigger by using some of these ideas. [MUSIC] Extend your storage to the ceiling and floor by designing rods and shelves. To fit your space. Depending on the height of your ceiling, you may be able to add two or even three levels of hanging storage. Make the upper one for seasonal clothing, the middle for shirts, and the bottom for pants. Leave some full height hanging room for dresses, coats, and other long things. Use the shelves at corners to vary your options. They offer a perfect spot for folded items, shoes and even blankets. If you have enough room, take drawers out of the bedroom and move them into the closet. Drawer stacks will give you room for smaller items and even out of the way jewelry storage. Top them like a piece of furniture with decorative lighting, and perhaps even a place to set a suitcase. Try adding a painted peg board to a blank closet wall. For the ultimate, check out a garage wall organization system. Both offer easily adjustable wall for belts, ties, scarfs, and other hard to store items. Decorate your closet. Dress it up like your favorite boutique. With mirrored walls, glass shelves, chandeliers. And lighting to higlight your favorite piece of clothing.
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