Clever Ideas in a Compact Bath

Simple features, such as a skylight, make this small space live large.

To create a functional and interesting bath with all the needed amenities in an 8-foot-square space.

A clever design uses all available space. The shower is tucked under a slanted ceiling. A skylight above the tub opens the room up, expanding the space and providing a blast of natural light and fresh air during the warmer months. Instead of counters and cabinets, a small vanity is used. Not only is it a simple idea, but it also cuts costs.

1. Simple details such as a small vanity, distressed beaded-board paneling, and an antique mirror contribute to the bath's charm. Clean lines and minimal accessories lend character and an aged look.

2. Inexpensive fabric gathered on a tension rod provides softness, color, and style. The bold stripe is a cheerful accent against the soft green walls and pale blue floors. This simple idea adds visual appeal.

3. Ingenuity starts at the door to this small bath. A hanging, sliding door allows easier access between the bath and adjoining guestroom.

4. An oversize, angled skylight installed over the tub makes this room feel more spacious and airy. The old-fashioned bathtub invites soaking under the sky, and the tucked-in shower is an added convenience in this 8-foot-square room.

Space Savers
It's important for a small bath to feel large. Too much stuff, and the area will feel cluttered and tight. These ideas will help you make the most of what you have.

  • Use a small vanity or a pedestal sink. With a pedestal, add a small chest to organize toiletries.
  • Incorporate a small decorative mirror that will lend some style to the room.
  • Choose a pocket door instead of a hinged one. A conventional door will encroach too much into an already tight space.
  • Include open shelves throughout the room for storage.
  • Recess an 8-inch-deep cabinet above the vanity.
  • If you have a closet but no shower, think about turning the closet into a shower.
  • Decorate with light-colored materials to create a larger feel.
  • Place a window in the room to open up the space. Otherwise, provide plenty of artificial light.
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