Bathroom Organization

Derick Belden shares his tips for organizing your bathroom.


[BLANK_AUDIO] Baths are where you start and end your day, so they should be clutter free and comfortable. Here are some simple and stylish storage ideas. The vanity is often the centerpiece of the bath. It should be pretty and functional. Try to work in drawers, hooks, cubbies, and shelves. Properly folded towels in baskets are a great way to dress up open shelves. Pedestal sinks are a popular decorative option for small baths, but are very short on storage. To solve this problem, use wall shelves, drawers, and hooks. [MUSIC] Better yet, have a custom room divider built. Even small furniture pieces can be brought into a room when you're short on storage. As a less expensive option, try building an open cabinet and covering the open space under the sink with a skirt. Shelves are a must in a well-designed bath. Glass ones keep a small bath feeling open and airy. Custom ones can add a decorative feature to a bathroom that is otherwise blah. If you have the space, opt for a wall of cabinetry. Small closets are a staple in baths. But when they're hard to use, consider removing the doors and dressing-up the shelves for stylish storage. Or when you have an odd space under an eve or behind a tub, think about cubbies. Its the details that help pull a room together. So look for opportunities to add little ideas too. Consider fun buckets on hooks in the kid's bath, apothecary jars for often needed items, or molding which can become a hidden drawer. [MUSIC] And don't forget the hamper. Which is much better built in than standing out in the middle of the room.
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