Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Jennifer Carroll of Jennifer Carroll Events in Charlottesville, Virginia shares advice for entertaining outdoors in the South.


[MUSIC] My name is Jennifer Carol, with Jennifer Carol Events, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Here in the south, it's always hot and humid, no matter what the season, it seems. So, having some fans on hand for your guests to help shoo away bugs. Is always lovely. And just remembering to keep your menu seasonally appropriate. When you're eating outside, you wanna, try and be careful with the foods that you're serving. I think having a relaxed atmosphere, having lots of wonderful beverages, I love having sweet tea and lemonade, always whenever I'm entertaining. Trying to get as much done as you can in advance so that you're really having a wonderful time with your guests, because I think here in the south, it's all about just having that relationship with each other.
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